A wonderful and simple ETF strategy- 125% return more than S&P

I am a great fan of simplicity. Not just as a philosophical concept, but also in terms of stoic practicality. Growing up I used to admire elegant mathematical proofs. I came across Gödel’s first incompleteness theorem in an issue of time magazine in 1999. The proof of it was so beautiful that i was completely smitten by it, but now i don’t seem to remember it.

Like wise, as posted before, what about an ETF strategy that would give you 125% more than S&P!!

It has just one indicator: Whenever the Market is in Uptrend invest 100% of the funds you have set aside, if the uptrend is under pressure invest 50%, if the market is in correction invest 0%.

How is the market doing today : you can get it from IBD (subscription required), Or i will be talking about here.

Market is in uptrend if there have been 3 or less high volume selling days in the last 25 trading sessions.

Market is under pressure if there are 3-6 days of high volume selling.

Market is in correction if in any one session the market lost 1.5% in heavy trading or 7 or more days of high volume selling in the last 25 trading sessions.


Now in other posts i will elaborate on how to make 250% or more in market returns.

Happy Trading

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