Market Update

Hello all

the market has entered into correction. So be aware. Get into cash or bonds. DMSI is still bullish, but on March 21st QLD ETF has crossed over to the dark side. (It happened on March 26th for QQQ). In a way you could say QLD is a leading indicator of QQQ (though technically it is not true, QLD is basically 2 times QQQ).

So the best course of action now is to be cautious and wait and see. It is not yet a very clear signal to sell (the third com formation is DMSI), but QLD signal is good enough.

Happy waiting to trade.


Current Sentiment Last Week 2 Weeks Ago 3 Weeks Ago
BULLISH 59.1% 61.7% 66.9%


alright amigoes, been back from India

I suggest you all visit her. Especially the teachers. India is sublimely beautiful. The people, food and more importantly the whole experience is quiet a feast to all the senses.

the Market’s is not bad, except the uptrend is under constant downward pressure. The delta market sentiment Indicator is as following

Current Sentiment Last Week 2 Weeks Ago 3 Weeks Ago
BULLISH 61.7% 66.9% 64.1%

Current Market Exposure: 100% Equities, 0% Bonds, 0% Cash.

I have started to write a primer on trend following. I hope to finish it soon (year 2014?).


Happy trading and travelling