Market Overview – Critical

I have gotten into all cash positions. Sold my etf, and mutual fund (I had one of each).

Growth funds have collapsed. Small-cap is lagging.

I have shifted all my monies into money market funds.

Stay on the side lines. Number 1 rule – Don’t lose money. Number 2 rule – don’t forget number 1. (I am not talking about cost of business or losing some money when you just got into a position and then because the market has turned on you, had to sell. That is expected).

Your only, and one and only indicator is the 75 day simple moving average (SMA). QLD and QQQ have both gone under it. Sell.

Once it comes back up the 75 day SMA – buy QLD or QQQ.

Now there is another option on the downturn – buy QID (It is reverse double of QQQ). It has just gotten above it’s 75 day SMA.

Happy trading.

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