truly a good time to be in the market

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 12.39.45 PM

today’s date here is friday august 31st at around 11:32 am Chaing Mai time Thailand  New York time 12:32 am  midnight Friday August 31st 2018 9 Hours to market open on Friday 31st August

Big picture : May-August 2018 4 months of ever increasing market.

this week top big gains.

sentiment indicator – 61.4

number of stocks in s&p above their own 50 day SMA is 70.28

Number of High volume selling on market is 3 on Nasdaq and 4 on S&P

OBV – on balance volume – volume increasing as market is picking up steam is increased from 7 million on June 12th to 10 million current

Volatility is low and at 6 month lows. average true range for QLD is decreasing (market is steady with not so wild fluctuations as in Feb, and march of 2018)

Just one red flag – QLD green price candle with red volume (Heiken- Ashi) candle sticks chart ) third one but volume is 1.1 million

QLD comfortably above 9 EMA

don’t miss it this time!